• Hancock & Joan

    Set in the 1960’s, story based on Hancocks relationship with Joan Le Mesurie - directed by Richard Laxton ,Producer Simon Heath and executive producer Patrick Spence – a BBC production

  • Royal Wedding

    Royal Wedding

    Set in the 1980’s around the time of diana’s wedding to Charles – directed by James Griffith and produced by produced by Roanna Benn and Rebecca de Souza and executive producer Juliette Howell and written by Abi Morgan – a BBC production

  • Daphne


    Set in the 1940’s based on the story of Daphne de Maurier – directed by Clare Beavan , written by Margaret Forster and Amy Jenkins , executive producer by Kim Thomas, a BBC production

  • Free Agents

    Free Agents

    Directed by James Griffith , produced by Nira Park ,executive producer Matthew Justice and Ian morris – a Big Talk and Bwark productions