Feature Films

  • Sightseers


    Directed by Ben Wheatley, Produced by Nira Park, Claire Jones, Andrew Starke and James Biddle – Production company Big talk

  • Attack The Block

    Attack The Block

    Directed by Joe Cornish and Produced by – Nira Park and James Wilson – Production company Big Talk

  • Inbetweeners


    Directed by Ben Palmer and Executive Produced by Damon Beesley, Ian Morris and Christopher Young – Production company Bwark

  • Cuban Fury

    Cuban Fury

    Directed by James Griffith, produced by Nira Park, James Biddle. Executive producers – Nick Frost, Matthew Justice, Rachael Prior, Danny Perkins, Jenny Borgars and Tessa Ross – Production company Big Talk

  • In Fear

    In Fear

    Directed by Jeremy Lovering and Produced by Nira Park and James Beddiel – Production company Big Talk

  • Gone


    Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, Produced by Nira Park – Production company Big Talk

  • The King is Alive

    The King is Alive

    A Dogme film - Directed by Kristian Levring and produced by Vibeke Windelov and Patricia Kruijer

  • Happy Now

    Happy Now

    Directed by Phillipa Collie-Cousins